The best sock illustrator in the world.

“Socks have many stories to tell. I do it with emotional and detailed illustrations.”

100% made by a sock.
Not by ai.



What was your defining moment to become an illustrator?

After losing my other half I stayed under a bed for 6 months. There was a pile of Belgium comics and The Myth Of Sisyphus from Albert Camus. I read them all several times and realized that I needed to invent my own meaning of life, and that it would be illustrating stories.

What inspires you most?

Like every other socks I like a good laugh and stories with legs. My style is to bring imaginative ideas to life by infusing something real in it. It can be a work on lights and shadows, an emotional expression or a detailed pattern.

Can I contact you with a project idea?

Of course!
I’m already euphoric with the idea of bringing a sock flavour to new projects. Who know, we could end up doing something greater than the pyramids!
Send me an email and we’ll arrange a call / skype to discuss your ideas.

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